Payment Category 

International Presenter (early bird)                                   : USD 25
International Presenter (regular)                                       : USD 25
International participant                                                      : USD 10
Student participant (Student card must be attached) : USD 5.00

Local presenter (early bird)                                                     : IDR 250.000
Local attendant (early bird)                                                     : IDR 100.000
Local presenter (regular)                                                         : IDR 300.000
Local participant (regular)                                                        : IDR 100.000
Local student participant (Student card must be attached): IDR 50.000

Publication fee                   = IDR 1.750.000 ($100)
Additional paper                = IDR 1.500.000 ($90)

Methods of Payment

Bank account number: 020-015-8742
Name of Bank account holder (as per bank detail): Fensia Analda Souhoka
Bank Name: PT. Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk.
Bank Branch Name: BNI Ambon
Bank City: Ambon
Bank Country: Indonesia

To confirm your payment,

Please send an email to  and attaching proof of payment.

Payment is not refundable for cancellation.

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